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Bedwetting Solutions That Really Work

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Having a child that wets the bed can be frustrating for both the child and the parent. There are however bedwetting solutions that are readily available to help you and your child work through this.

Finding bedwetting solutions for children is much better than ignoring the problem and hoping it will go away on its own accord. The social stigma of nocturnal enuresis is a treatable condition that, left unchecked, can cause embarrassment and unneeded psychological stress on many children who wet the bed at night. Degrading and punishing a child for wetting their bed does not stop the condition. The causes for bedwetting are not the fault of the child. The anxiety and stress over bedwetting leaves children with shame and guilt over something they feel they have done wrong and can stop on their own.

This sense of insecurity that is caused when parents place blame on their children for wetting the bed will only cause harm and lasting effects the child takes with them. In fact, blaming the child will only worsen the bedwetting condition. Imagine how a child must feel being afraid to fall asleep at night if they wake up being blamed and punished for having a wet bed! There are solutions that parents can investigate to treat the bedwetting condition their child is going through.

The main cause of bedwetting is a condition known as "nocturnal enuresis". It affects boys more than girls by a 3 to 1 ratio. The cause of this condition is falling into an abnormal deep sleep pattern that stops children from responding to the bladder's signal. Recent studies have shown that 15% of children have problems with bedwetting past the age of three. According to the National Kidney Foundation, more than 5 million sufferers continue to bed wet past the age of six years old.

There are bedwetting solutions that parents can use effectively with their children who suffer from this condition. Children should never have to feel they need to go through something like this alone. Studies have shown that eventually most children do outgrow bedwetting. Letting your children know there is nothing wrong with them for wetting the bed is the first thing parents need to convey to their kids. This alone will begin to help alleviate any emotional pressure the child may be experiencing.

The condition that causes bedwetting is often hereditary. If someone else in the family was a bed-wetter, letting you child know about this will go a long way to help them feel comforted and supported. There are children's books about bedwetting available. Reading some of these books with your child will help him or her realize that their condition is common and that there is nothing wrong with them.

Before going to bed for the night, wake your child up for one last bathroom call so he or she can empty their bladder one last time for the night. There are bedwetting alarms available that connect to a pad in the child's underwear. The alarm senses moisture and will trigger a vibration or buzz so the child can wake up to use the bathroom. Many children learn to stop bedwetting using this device.

There are also medications available that helps aid in controlling the bladder at night. Used with the bedwetting alarm system, these two combinations can work together when just the alarm itself is not helping. It is important to realize that the bedwetting solution that works the best is the emotional support that parents give their children in trying to treat this condition they are experiencing.